Visit Bale Mountains National Park

Visit Bale Mountains National Park

Visite Bale Mountains National Park

Visit Bale Mountains National park, Bale Mountains National park & Sof Omar Cavern

The Bale Mountains National Park is an outstanding tourist destination area! The Bale Mountains Park rises from 2500 up to 4377 m (Mount Tulu Deemtu) above sea level. It is believed that the Bale Mountains were formed lava outpourings in the in the Miocene & Oligocene Geological Periods between 38 & 7 Million Years ago. When to Visit: Bale Mountains National Park is best visited during November – March, when days are clear & warm. However, it can be frosty & chilly during night time. During May to July, it is a very appealing time to visit the Mountains but frequent showers, usually in the afternoon. Days are sunny and warm. Bale Mountains National Park consists the largest area of Afro Alpine Habitats in Africa. Bale Mountain shelters Ethiopian Wolves (Endemic), Mountain Nyala (endemic), Giant Mole Rat, Giant Lobelia Tree, and many more endemic Mammals and Birds. The Bale Mountains National park is also Known as park of endemism for 26% of Mammals & 6.1% of birds are Endemic – found only in Ethiopia! Trek is most preferable to visit all best sites in the Bale Mountains National Park.

Highlights of Bale Mountains: Dinsho Forest, Gaysay valley, Harenna Forest, Sanetti Plateau, and camp sites.

Sof Omar cavern: it is easily accessible from Bale Mountains National park. The cave with the Web River formed 16km underground passage! It is said that the deepest point lies 150m under the surface of the ground. In the cave, one can easily see innumerable bats hanging from the roof of the Cave.

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