Wakanda City

Wakanda City

Wakanda City

Ethiopia’s Bahir Dar to be Real WAKANDA

Wakanda at the Blue Nile Waterfalls

Future Technology Tourism at Tis Essat

Ethiopia is an ancient, very historical and religious country on the horn of Africa.

Many admit that Story of Black Panther Film (Fictional) is based on Ethiopian History and landscapes with the Blue Nile Waterfalls at Tis Essat, 28km from Bahir Dar.

On August 22, 2018, The Ethiopian Television publicized that:

  1. The fiction Wakanda, to realize at Blue Nile waterfalls named Tis Essat, near Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
  2. The project could cost : USD 20 Billion
  3. Construction could be finalized in 10 years from now on…
  4. Construction cost will be covered by world rich celebrities
  5. The main supervisors could be Americans

Why Wakanda to be in Tis Essat, Ethiopia?

  1. Blue Nile waterfalls is surrounded by chained mountains with its waterfalls, supposed to be part of the movie.
  2. The film symbolizes the Battle of Adwa (1896), led by Ethiopian Emperor MenelikII (Ruled between 1889 – 1913). Emperor MenelikII is an icon leader for all Black people over the world, fought against Italy for freedom, was curious for civilization and he was the first emperor in Africa to introduce modern Technology: Telephone, modern transportation such as Train railways and Vehicles, Post office, modern school, Hospitals, hotels, cinema, modern administrative system to Ethiopia.
  3. Ancient civilization: Ethiopia is also a root of ancient civilization along the Blue Nile River, and  a country of Prester John, a Christian king and priest, unknown to Europeans.  
  4. The civilization of Egypt with its pyramids has been dependent on the soils of Ethiopian landmass, being transported by the Blue Nile River, and known as Abay Wenz in Ethiopia, its source was discovered by James Bruce in 1769.  The Pharaoh and people of Egypt were also receiving Perfumes, several ornaments and agricultural goods from Ethiopia.
  5. As the fossils in the great Valley reveals the fact that Ethiopia was the cradle of human kind and civilization, considered one of the first groups  who have been living on earth, worshiping goddess and offer sacrifices.

Wakanda – is really the fiction Film becomes into realty?

If yes, the world dreams to go to Ethiopia not only for the current tourist destination site of The Blue Nile Waterfalls, Portuguese bridges and Amhara Villages with landscapes but also for Wakanda – a Technology tourist site after 10 years.

We will follow  Wakanda City  Construction progress at Blue Nile Waterfalls  and update the news of Tourist dream.  May the almighty God Give us time to see this phenomena. Only God, of course;  knows if it would  have to happen.

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