Historic Routes

Gondar Castles

Gondar Castles

Visit North part of Ethiopia / Historic routes)

Yeha Temple -  Once a big city before Axum, in Tigrai

Axum City, First Christian City in Ethiopia, Ark of the Covenant is believed  to be here

Lalibela,  a Rock Hewn City between 12 and 13 Centuries. 

Gondar the castle City, established in 1636 by King Fassiladas

Bahir Dar, a city located at  Shores of Lake Tana and  Tis Abay ( Blue Nile Waterfalls)

Simien Mountains National Park,  a breath taking, chained Mountains ( known as roof of  East Africa). Trekking is much worthy here.  

Monasteries on Lake Tana,Orthodox Church Monasteries are so impressive

Tis Issat Waterfalls and more

Culture Trip, Omo Valley Tribes

Culture Trip, Omo Valley Tribes

South Ethiopia


Hamar Woman

Culture Trip, Omo Valley Tribes

Omo Valley, South Ethiopia is a melting point of untouched culture

Surma and Mursi, females insert clay palate within their lips

Hamar People, unique in hairdressing  with butter and red clay

Karo People, decor their skins with white color prepared by themselves

Dassenech, mainly Known in their uniquely in their house design

Erbore / Arbore/, girls and women wear animal skin made cloth

Konso  People, live in fensed village, known global in terrace cultivation.  Ari,Bodi and many other tribes live in  south Ethiopia.

Danakil Depression

Danakil Depression

Danakil Depression

Danakil Depression

Danakil Depression, is an amazing  site that any one need to go and see it!  It is lowest ( about 120m below sea level) and hottest place. the babbling pool is made up of potash and sulfur. Rocky salt is plenty here! it is being transported by Afar camels from Lake Asale to Mekelle. The active volcano site, Arta Ale is located   within the depression. As a whole, the Afar Region is much, much worthy to be visited.




Walia Ibex

Ethiopia has many endemic wildlife.  Walia Ibex, Ethiopian Wolf, Chilada ( Gelada ) Baboon, Menelik's Bushbuck, Bale Monkey, and many more.

Best areas for wildlife :  Semen ( Simien) Mountains National Park, Bale Mountains National Park, Chebera Churchura National Park, Gambela National Park, Ali ( Alay ) Deghe wild Life Reserve.





Ethiopia is a loving country for birdwatchers!  Blue-Winged Goose ( Bale Mountains National Park), Ethiopian Siskin ( Ethiopian Highlands), Yellow-Throated Seedeater, Prince Ruspoli Turaco, Stresemann Bush Crow

Degodi Lark, Abyssinian Longclaw, Erlanger's Lark, Abyssinian Catbird, White-Tailed Swallow, Prince Raspoli's Turaco, Harwood's Francolin, Moorland Francolin,Nechisar Nightjar, Brown-faced Go-away-bird, pot-breasted Lapwing, Yellow-fronted Parrot, Ethiopian Bushcrow, Liben Lark, Kafa White-eye, Sombre Rockchat, Red-billed Pytilia, Salvadori's Seedeater, Ankober Serin,

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Why Action Tours?


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Simien Mountains reopen

Simien Mountains reopen

Simien Mountains reopen

Simien Mountains reopen

Simien Mountains reopen 


As of today (January 20, 2022), Semien Mountains National Park is open to tourists.

The Park can be visited with the three main tourist Destinations:  Bahir Dar, Gondar and Lalibela.

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Rent Vehicles

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Rent Vehicles

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Simien Mountains, reopen

Simien Mountains reopen  News As of today (January 20, 2022), Semien Mountains National Park is open to tourists. The Park can be visited with the three main tourist Destinations:  Bahir Dar, Gondar and Lalibela. Choose Read more…

Borena Sayint National Park

Borena Sayint National Park Borena Sayint Worehimeno National Park Borena-Sayint National Park, formerly known as “Denkoro Chaka state reserve” established in 209, located in the South Wollo Zone.  It is about 600km from Addis Ababa Read more…

Geeze, Fidäl, ፊደል

Geeze, Fidäl, ፊደል geeze, Fidäl (ፊደል) is Ethiopian and Eritrean Alphabet today. The earliest inscriptions of Semitic and Cushitic languages date to the 9th century BCE. It originated as consonant-only alphabet, written left-to-right and was first used Read more…

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