Les monastères du lac Tana avec l'histoire des rois à  Gondar entre 17 et 19siècles

Lalibela, Gondar, Historic Routes 22 Days

Lalibela, Gondar, Historic Routes

Lalibela, Gondar, Addis, Ankober, Tenta, Mekdalla, Gishen Maryam Lalibela, Geralta Rock Churches, Axum, Gondar, Bahir Dar, Blue Nile


Program: Historic Routes

Tour Code: Combined Tour 04

Duration: 20 Nights (22 Days)

Transportation: Land (4WD)

Tour Starts: Addis Ababa

Tour ends: Addis Ababa

Day 1: Arrive to Addis Ababa. Overnight - Hotel - Addis

Day2: Visit Addis Ababa.  Overnight - Hotel - Addis

Day3: Drive from Addis to Kombolcha.On the way, visit palace of emperor MenelikII in Ankober. Overnight- hotel - Kombolcha

Day 4: Drive from Dessie to Tenta. Overnight - Camping - Tenta

Day 5: Excursion to Maqdala (Maqdala); mountainous landscapes and the Sebastopol (Canon) of Makidela. Overnight - camping - Tenta

Day6: Drive from Tenta to Gishen Mariam monastery. Overnight - Camping - Gishen

Day 7: Drive towards Weldeya. On the way, visit Lake Hayq.  Overnight - hotel – Weldeya

Day 8: Drive from Weldeya to Lalibela. Overnight - hotel – Lalibela

Day 9: Visit sites in Lalibela   overnight - hotel - Lalibela

Day10: Drive from Lalibela to Yimrahine Kristos - Mekelle. Overnight - hotel - Mekelle

Day11: Drive from Mekelle to Wukro Cherkos - Hawzen. On the way, visit Abraha and Atsbeha, Degum Selassie, & Debre Tsion. Overnight – hotel/Lodge – Hawzen

Day 12: Explore ancient Rock Churches in Geralta.  Overnight – hotel/lodge - Hawzen

Day13: Drive from Hawzen to Axum. On the way, Visit Debre/ Dabra Damo Monastery, Temple of Yeha, and overlook the escarpments of Adwa. Overnight - hotel -Axum

Day 14: Explore Axum. Overnight - hotel – Axum

Day 15: Drive to Simien Mountains National park. Overnight - camping - Chennek

Day 16: Drive from Chennek to Gondar.  Overnight - hotel - Gondar

Day 17: Visit Gondar & drive to Gorgora - Overnight - hotel – Gorgora

Day 18: Drive from Gorgora to Bahir Dar. On the way; Visit the Awra Amba community. Overnight - hotel - Bahir Dar

Day 19: Visit Blue Nile Waterfalls and monasteries on Lake Tana. Overnight - hotel - Bahir Dar

Day 20: Drive from Bahir Dar to Debre Markos. Overnight - hotel - Debre Markos

Day 21: Drive from Debre Markos to Addis Ababa.  Overnight - hotel - Addis

Jour 22: Departure

Notice: This itinerary can be amended up on request

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