Ethiopian Christmas, Genna

Ethiopian Christmas (Genna)

Ethiopian Christmas (Genna)
Genna Festival is celebrated on every 05-08 January after a 40 days fasting among Orthodox Christians. On the eve of Christmas or “Genna” as Ethiopians refer to it, people gather in churches to pray in mass that lasts about 3 hours.
The clergies, Priests, Bishop & people lift their voice in hymns and chant just as it has been practiced since 4th century on which Ethiopia (Habasha, Abyssinia) has been accepted Christianity as official religion of the country.
After mass praying, the fast will be broken, and then all classes of people disperse to their homes. Food and drink will be in abundance at these times. Relatives will have a chance to meet and share life and experience. This festival is more traditional in Lalibela.

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