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Action Tours accepts all business transaction payments in: Credit Card-Visa Hard Currencies such as USD, Sterling, Euro etc.

In order to handle and process requests such as tour programs, air tickets, hotel bookings & etc; we kindly request our clients to transfer some amount of money( from 20 up to  40 % deposit on the full agreed contract price ) in advance as down payment.

Our company's account number is stated here-under:

  1. Name of the Bank: ENAT BANK S.C
  2. Country: Ethiopia
  3. City: Addis Ababa
  5. The Swift code: ENATETAA or Click:  
  6. Name of the Company: Action Tours
  7. Account Number0171102962740001
  8. Telephone/Office/: +251-118-500246
  9. Mobile: +251-911-458015
  10. Action Tours Office Street: Bole Sub - City
  11. Haileyesus Wanna Family Building
  12. BL_ 03 _706 ST
  13. B171 _ 15
  14. Office # S - 5
  15. Just next Yod Abyssinia Traditional Restaurant
  16. Our motto is to provide effective and efficient services and win lifelong customers. Visit Ethiopia through Action Tours and experience one of the ancient countries in the African continent. We can assure you that your visit to Ethiopia will be both memorable and enjoyable! 

Tour Company, Addis Ababa,Ethiopia