Dabbahu Fissure

Découverte Dabbahu Fissure

Dabbahu Fissure

Dabbahu Fissure Dabbahu Fissure Site, an Earth Cracking, Geological process in the Afar Triangle (Great Rift Valley) This site was first filmed by BBC Film Crew.  Then Action Tours discovered it  for the first time with Two Canadian Tourists (Bod Man Moshe & Mike Black in 2019).  It is so fascinating area, rarely visited, remote, …

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Dabbahu Fissure

Dabbahu Fissure,Afar Region

Dabbahu Fissure,Afar Region Dabbahu Volcano (also Boina, Boyna or Moina) is an active volcano located in the remote Afar Region of Ethiopia. This stratovolcano[2] is part of the Afar Triangle (Afar Depression), a highly active volcanic region which includes Erta Ale.[1] An eruption on September 26, 2005 created a large fissure in the ground, known as the Dabbahu fissure The only eruption of the volcano in recorded history occurred on September 26, 2005. Preceding …

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