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Ethiopia – Kenya 18 Days

Ethiopia - Kenya 18 Days

Tour in Ethiopia and Kenya
Itineraries on this page enable you to explore Ethiopia and Kenya in combination. These two eastern Africa countries are rich in tourism destinations. Ethiopia is mainly known worldwide in Historical attractions, majestic maintains and scenic landscapes and untouched culture, especially in the southern regions of the country. Kenya is largely famous in wildlife and culture (Maasai Tribes and others.)
Visit Kenya and Ethiopia
Provides Program: Ethiopia – Kenya
Tour Code: Kenya 01
Duration: 17nights (18 days)
Transportation: Land (4WD)
Tour Starts: Addis Ababa
Tour Ends: Kenya
Day 1: Arrive to Addis Ababa: Arrive in the night time. Overnight – at chosen hotel – Addis Ababa
Day 2: City Tour of Addis Ababa: After breakfast; we drive to the Entoto Mountain for a panoramic view of Addis, Entoto Museum and the old palace of MenelikII (at Entoto Mountain), the National Museum where you can discover different archaeological findings (including 3.18million years old skeleton of Lucy), Trinity Cathedral, Mausoleum of emperor MenelikII and finally Merkato – the largest open market in Africa. Overnight – at Ghion Hotel (4*) – Addis
Day 3: Addis Ababa-Arba Minch (505 km): After an early breakfast; we drive from Addis to Arba Minch. On the way; visit the hill top of Chencha for Dorze ethnics (roughly 40 km from the main road to Arba Minch). Dorze have their own skill of weaving cotton clothes & of their traditional bee-hive shaped houses. Overnight at chosen hotel/lodge -Arba Minch
Day 4: Nechisar National Park & Lake Chamo: After breakfast; we drive to Nechisar national Park for bird watching and game viewing. In the park, you will see different bird species, including the rare Greater Kestrel, Orange River Francolin, Yellow throated sand grouse, Desert Cistcolas and etc. Some nightjar species such as Slender tailed and star Spotted Nightjars, Donaldson Smith’s and Dusky Nightjars have been recorded. In addition to birds, Nechisar is the home of some mammals like the endemic Swayne’s Hartebeest (the park was primarily established to protect the endemic Swayne’s Hartebeest), Thomson’s gazelle, Berchule’s Zebra, Greater Kudu, Dik-Dik, and Baboons. Afternoon; boat trip on Lake Chamo. This Lake is known for its enormous population of Crocodiles and Hippopotamus. In the town of Arba Minch; visit the crocodile breeding site. . Overnight at chosen hotel/lodge -Arba Minch
Day 5: Konso - Key Afer (ethnic market) – Jinka/Mago National Park: Today, we drive to Jinka- roughly 240km mainly for Mursi tribes. En route at key Afer; we will explore the colourful every Thursday market where we can see the Tsemay, Ari and Bena people. And then we drive further to Jinka. Overnight – at chosen hotel/lodge – Jinka
Day 6: Mursi tribes and Mago National Park: After breakfast; we drive to Mago National Park. Visit the Mursi village, the insertion of wooden and terracotta discs into the ear lobes is a widespread custom and Mursi women also progressively split and stretch their lower lips to make room for similar discs(Muris tribes have the same culture with Surma tribes settled at upper Omo). In Mago Park; there are no many animals visible during the day, but during night time, thousands of sounds, among which is the trumpeting of elephants may be heard. Afternoon; we will visit the ethnological museum of Jinka. Overnight – at chosen hotel/lodge – Jinka
Day 7: Jinka – Dimeka market and Turmi (139 Km): After breakfast; we drive to Turmi (roughly 139 km from Jinka). On the way; we stopover to visit the colourful Dimeka Market (Every Saturday). It should be noticed that information will be gathered in advance if there is bull jumping ritual, or a Hamer wedding party in the neighbourhood during our stay in Turmi. Overnight – at chosen hotel/lodge – Turmi
Day 8: Turmi - Karo Ethics: After breakfast: we drive from Turmi to Karo ethnics (60 km rough road). We will have packed lunch with us for we will be there for full day. We visit some of Karo villages of Dus and Korocho. The Karo tribes are mainly known for their special hairstyle and body paintings. Take your time here, discover & experience their lifestyle. Late afternoon; drive back to Turmi. Overnight – at chosen hotel/lodge – Turmi
Day9: Omorate – Dassenech/Galeb –Turmi market: The area around Turmi is where the Hamer & Bena people live, famous for their bull-jumping ceremonies and great body decoration. There is a popular Hamer and Bena market held in Turmi on every Monday, this is what you have to timed your visit for, but the market will not be full until mid-afternoon, so this morning, after early breakfast, first we should drive to Omorate (75km),nearby the Omo River and cross the river by local boat. This area is inhabited by the Dassenech (Galeb) people, known for their very interesting house design and body painting. We will stay with them for a couple of hours, then cross the river again and drive back to Turmi, for lunch and a short break from the heat & visit the Turmi Market. The Hamers dominate this market. The Hamers are a fine looking people, both men and women take great pride in their appearance, shaving and colouring their hair, oiling their bodies and decorating themselves with beads and bracelets worn around arms and legs. Late afternoon; we will approach to some Hamer villages to discover their lifestyle at home and attend the Evangadi Dance. Overnight – at chosen hotel/lodge – Turmi
Day 10: Turmi – Konso: After breakfast; we drive from Turmi to Yabello via Arbore. We will contact the Arbore people at their town named Arbore and proceed to Konso. We will visit town of Konso (UNESCO World Heritage Site) – The people of Konso are well known for their intricately terraced hillsides, fine woven materials, carved totems made of wood, decorated graves (mainly the king & his wife), impressive village and etc. Explore The Konso King, totems, Konso villages, and Gesergiyo (New York)-magnificent rock formation. Overnight – at chosen hotel/lodge – Konso
Day 11: Konso – Yabello: After breakfast; we drive to Yabello (105km). On the way; overlook landscapes and villages of Borana people. Overnight – at chosen hotel – Yabello
Day 12: Singing Wells & Chew Beth (El Sod): After breakfast; drive to El Sod (Salt House), to Mega road. On the way, visit Dublock (Borena Village), and Singing Wells. The Borena ethnics move every time in groups across a large area in search of food and water for their herds of zebu cattle. The zebu cattle are poorly adapted to the torrid desert heat so they must be watered regularly at the desert wells – about 20-30 meters deep. While watering their cattle the Borena have special songs. For this reason, morning, you will visit them, singing at their wells. Proceed to Chew Beth (El Sod) and discover people extracting salt there. Overnight – at chosen hotel – Moyale
Day 13: Marsabit National reserve: After breakfast; we will leave Ethiopia through Moyale for Mersabit National reserve. Lion, leopard, big tusk elephants, cheetah, rhino, buffalo and other game species. Overnight – tented camp – Marsabit
Day 14: Mersabit to Sanburu National Reserve: We drive From Marsabit to Losai - Shaba National reserves then proceed to Sanburu National reserve. Overnight – tented camp/ lodge - Sanburu National Reserve
Day 15: Samburu National Reserve: Full day in Samburu, a beautiful and game abundant park, home to rarely found species such as the Beisa Oryx, Grevy's zebra, blue-necked Somali ostrich and reticulated giraffe. An optional visit to a local Samburu village will be worth your time. . Overnight – tented camp/ lodge - Sanburu National Reserve
Day 16: Samburu National Reserve - Mount Kenya National Park: Today; we drive from Samburu to Mount Kenya. Mount Kenya National Park and its surrounding have developed into a popular travel destination. Wild animals being seen are rhinoceroses, elephants, and buffalo, Black and White Colobus and Sykes Monkeys, bushbuck, Olive Baboon, waterbuck, black fronted duikers, leopard, giant forest hog, genet cat, bush pig and hyena. Overnight – lodge /hotel – Mt. Kenya
Day 17: Thika – Nairobi: Excursion trip to Thika then Nairobi. Overnight – at chosen hotel – Nairobi
Day 18: City Tour of Nairobi: Visit Nairobi and departure in the afternoon (end of the trip.)

Notice: This itinerary can be amended upon request

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