Visit Alay Dege Wildlife Reserve 5 Days

Visit Alay Dege Wildlife Reserve 5 Days

Visit Alay Dege Wildlife Reserve 5 Days

Alay Dege, also spelt as Ali Deghe  Wildlife Reserve

Gerenuk, Harar Dik-dik, Scub Hare,  Grevy's Zebra,  Discover Awash national Park and Alay Dege Wildlife Reserve area


Program: Awash National Park Tour

Tour Code: Short Trip 06

Duration: 5 Days (4 nights)

Transportation: Land

Day 1: Awash National Park

Morning, we set off driving on the south east road for the Rift Valley Park, and the Afar Region. We pass Lake Beseka (which has grown over the last decade, causing the Djibouti – Addis Ababa railway line to be raised on several occasions), and enter the Awash National Park for game view. The dramatic Awash Falls, as the river tumbles into its gorge, is the sight not to be missed in the national park. Awash National park, surrounding the dormant volcano of Fentale, is a reserve of arid and semi-arid woodland and savannah, with riverine forests along the Awash River. Forty six species of animals have been identified here, including Beisa Oryx and Swayne’s hartebeest. The bird life is prolific especially along the river and in the nearby Lake Beseka and there are fine endemic amongst the 392 species recorded birds. A special attraction is the beautiful clear pools of the Filwoha hot springs. Pass an overnight either in the Park or hotel in Awash Sebat.

Day 2: Filwoha Hot Springs

Take an early morning game drive towards the Filwoha Hot Springs for hot springs, possible wildlife; Waterbuck, leopard, cheetah, Lion, Kudu. Hamadryas Baboon and Anubis baboon, crocs, etc. Overnight – tented camp or  Awash Falls Lodge in the Park or hotel in Awash Sebat

Day 3: Alay Dege protected Plains / Wildlife Reserve

Drive from Awash National park to Alay Dege (also spelt as Ali Dege) wildlife reserve (protected) area. Alay Dege protected wildlife area, found in arid Afar Region (277 km asphalt road). Head office of Alay Dege Park is at Andido, a small village on Addis Ababa – Djibouti High road. In Alay Dege wildlife reserve, the following wildlife are most possibly visible at near distance (binocular or best zoomed photo camera makes it so much perfect): Northern Gerenuk (common in roadside scrub and on open field), Harar Dik-dik, Scub Hare, more than 40 Grevy's Zebra at a time could be seen, Many wild ostriches, Golden Jackal, Beisa Oryx, Common Warthog, spotted hyena, flock of birds like three banded sand grouse, many Soemmerring’s Gazelle. This wildlife Reserve is worthy for birdwatcher. If luck fortunate, the following wildlife are also seeable: Caracal and wild cat, Aardwolf, Cheetah, Somali Wild Ass (Somali Wild Ass is supposed to be seeable in the rocky hills with time and local guides). nearby Bilen Lodge, during nighttime, lions come often. Lions could be seen if one is organized for night time visit (powerful torch is required). In nearby areas, there are two lodges, Bilen Lodge and Planeta Lodge. Bilen Lodge is better for birds, lions and other animals ….Overnight – at  Doho Lodge  Eastern side of Awash Park

Day 4: Alay Dege protected Plains

Explore Alay Dege wildlife reserve (protected) area for full day, for Grevy’s Zebra, antelopes and significant varieties of birds. Lodge

Day 5: Addis Ababa

Drive back to Addis Ababa (end of the trip)

Itinerary can be amended upon request

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