Visit Addis Ababa, Gondar, Lalibela, and Danakil Depression 6 Days

Visit Addis Ababa, Gondar, Lalibela, and Danakil Depression 6 Days

Visit Addis Ababa, Gondar, Lalibela, and Danakil Depression 6 Days

Danakil Depression
Visit Danakil Depression & historic Route
Danakil Depression
Explore Danakil Depression
Danakil Depression Sulfur and Potash Lake
Lake Asale
Trek, Visit Danakil Depression
Danakil Depression, Salland
Visit Danakil Depression
Erta Ale Actiov Volcano
Erata Ale Volcano
Erta Ale Actiove Volcano
Dabbahu Earth Split


Program: Danakil Depression

Tour Code: Afar 11

Duration: 5 Nights (6 Days)

Transportation: Air & Land (4WD)

Tour starts: Addis Ababa

Tour ends: Addis Ababa

Day 1: Arrival/ Addis

Arrive in the evening.  Overnight -Hotel – Addis  

Day2: The Castles of Gondar

Fly from Addis Ababa to Gondar & visit the Castles of emperor Fassiladas, his swimming pool, the empress Minitab’s Palace, the Banquet Room of Emperor Bakaffa… the 17 century church of Debre Birhan Sillassie (Light of Trinity). Overnight Hotel – Gondar

Day3: Lalibela Churches 

Fly from Gondar to Lalibela and visit the first and second groups of the 11 churches: 1.Bet Golgotha, 2.Bet Mikael, 3.Bet Mariam, 4.Bet Meskel, 5.Bet Danaghel and 6.Bet Medhane Alem. Bet Medhane Alem is the largest monolithic rock hewn church in the world, built like a Greek temple! In a corner there are three empty graves symbolically dug for biblical patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, 7.Bete Amanuel, 8.Bete Marqorewos, 9.Bete Abba Libanos, 10.Bete Gabriel -Rufael and11. Bet Giyorgis is the most elegant of all Lalibela churches, which lies somewhat isolated in the southwest part of the town on a sloping rock terrace. Also visit Nakuto Làabe Cave Church (5km from Lalibela).  Overnight – Hotel - Lalibela

Day4: Lalibela - Yimrahine Kirstos -Mekelle

Drive to the cave church called Yimrahine Kirstos (42 km from Lalibela). This Church has been constructed by King Yimrahine Kirstos during the13th Century. In the church, there are more than 5000 (five thousand) dead human skeletons (Bones) lying without any coverage for the past 700 years. They are supposed to be pilgrimages from Syria, Egypt and Ethiopia.  The murals on the dark walls of the church, the year round spring water descending from the top of the church and the forest around are very impressive and worthy to be visited.  Visit the church and proceed to Mekelle via Korem. Take Lunch at the Town of Korem. It is at Korem where the Asphalt road begins to Mekelle. Overnight – at Axum Hotel (3*) - Mekelle

Day5:  Mekelle – Danakil Depression

Morning; drive rive from Mekelle to Danakil Depression. We descend to the Afar Region. You will see many camel caravans, transporting rock salt from Lake Asalé to the town of Mekelle at many spots on the road. As we penetrate deep down to the region, the temperature becomes hotter and hotter. Discover Danakil depression, the traditional salt extraction site from where   camels are waiting to be loaded rock salts - just nearby the Salt Lake of Asalé. Then drive on white salt land to visit Lake Asalé. Then drive back to Mekelle.  Overnight – Axum Hotel – Mekelle

Day6: Gondar – Addis Ababa

Fly from Mekelle back to Addis Ababa (end of the trip)

Notice: This itinerary can be amended upon request

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