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 Ethiopian Wildlife

Ethiopia has a large variety of indigenous plant and animal species. In some areas, the mountains are covered with shrubs such as pyracanthajasminepoinsettia, and a varied assortment of evergreens. Carawaycarcadecardamomchatcorianderincensemyrrh, and red pepper are common. The lakes in the Great Rift Valley region abound with numerous species of birds, and wild animals are found in every region. Among the latter are the Sudan cheetahMasai lioncivetservalAfrican bush elephantbushpiggazelleantelopeibexkududik-dikoribireedbuckSomali wild assGrévy’s zebrahyena, Gelada baboon, and numerous species of monkey. In Ethiopia, there are at least 277 species of mammals, 262 species of birds, and over 6,600 species of plants.