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  • Rent Vehicles

    Rent Vehicles Rent Vehicles for tour tour in Ethiopia  In addition to tour package sales, we are providing excellent condition… Read More

  • Payment

    Tour in Ethiopia Payment Action Tours accepts all business transaction payments in: Credit Card-Visa Hard Currencies such as USD, Sterling,… Read More

  • When to Come

    When to Come to Ethiopia When to Come to Ethiopia This can depend on where you are going. In historic/Northern… Read More

  • Travel Info

    Travel Info – Ethiopia Travel Info – Ethiopia Travel Info – Ethiopia: Ethiopia is a country that offers natural beauty, cultural… Read More

  • Danakil Depression Parking


    Testimonials Action Tours Action Tours “Reliable, personable, well rounded guide, well made itinerary, reasonably priced”. It has been our second visit… Read More

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    Hotels Action Tours can use hotels and lodges listed below: Addis Ababa: Sheraton (Luxury) Hilton Hotel (5*) Radisson Blu Hotel… Read More

  • Terms and Conditions

    Terms and Conditions Travel Ethiopia and Visit tourist destinations Terms and Conditions 1-Responsibility and Liability 1.1- Action Tours shall accept… Read More