Tour  Debre Libanos ,Debre Libanos and Abay Gorge

Tour to Debre Libanos & Blue Nile Gorge

Tour to Debre Libanos & Blue Nile Gorge


Program: Debre Libanos & the Blue Nile Gorge
Tour Code: Addis 03

Duration: Full Day
Transportation: Land

Full Day: Easily accessible from Addis Ababa (100km), the convent of Debre Libanos was founded in the late 13th century by Saint Tekle Haymanot, and is today famous for its miraculous spring. On the way, endemic Ethiopian mammals, Gelada Baboon as well as endemic birds can be seen. Proceeding further on the main road is the 17Century Portuguese Bridge and the truly magnificent Blue Nile Gorge after town of Goha Zion. Late afternoon, drive back to Addis Ababa

Itinerary can be amended upon request

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