Timket, Timkat, Ethiopian Religious Festivals

Timket, Epiphany 11 Days

Timket (Epiphany) 11 Days

Timket, Timkat, Ethiopian Religious Festivals

In Ethiopia; religion, especially Orthodox Tewahedo is inseparable part of life. The Orthodox Tewahedo Church ceremonies are unique and impressive; especially Timket and Meskel festivals which provide colorful ceremonies and celebrations. People dress in traditional costume and celebrate festivals across the country with colorful unique ceremonies such as Enkutatash (New Year), Meskel (Finding of the True Cross), Ledet (Christmas), Timket (Epiphany) and Fasika (Easter). In these seasons, especial food and drink are plentiful, musicians play and people dance and sing. Theatre halls in Addis Ababa will be full in different way this time. Islamic tradition also celebrates religious festivals in the Ethiopian.
Timket (Epiphany)

Timket is the greatest Ethiopian religious festival. Timket festival dates back to the legendary history of The Ark of The Covenant. It is believed by Orthodox Church and some scholars that The Ark of Israel, which they were given from God through prophet Moses, is rested here in Axum, Ethiopia. It is primarily to glorify and commemorate the Ark of Covenant and the Baptism of Jesus the Christ in River Jordan that almost all Ethiopians attend during 18-20 January. During these times, the ark (the duplicate of the original ark) of every church will be seen being carried by clergy men. Attendants will wear the most favorite clothes and play (dance) in front of the Ark. This is more original in Lalibela.
Visit Lalibela Timket (Timket Religious celebration in Gondar, Lalibela, and Addis Ababa…..


Program: Timket (Epiphany) Festival

Tour ode: Lalibela 01

Duration: 10 Nights (11 Days)

Transportation: Air

Tour starts: Addis Ababa

Tour Ends: Addis Ababa

Period: in every January
Day1: Arrive to Addis. Overnight - hotel

Day2: City Tour of Addis Ababa. Overnight - hotel

Day3: Fly to Bahir Dar for Blue Nile Falls & Monasteries on Lake Tana .Overnight - hotel

Day4: Fly to Gondar for Castles. Overnight - hotel

Day5: Excursion to the Semien Mountains .Overnight – hotel

Day6: fly to Axum and visit all sites in Axum. Overnight – hotel

Day7: fly to Lalibela and visit Churches of Lalibela. Overnight - hotel

Day8: Timket Festival. Overnight – hotel

Day9: Fly back to Addis and fly to Dire Dawa then drive to Harar. Overnight - hotel

Day10: Drive to Dire Dawa and fly to Addis Ababa. Overnight – hotel

Day 11: departure

Notice: This itinerary can be amended upon request

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