Visite Tribu de  Surma, Gambela avec Agnuak et Surma et  les paysages

Surma Tribes, Nuér & Agnuak –Trekking 20 Days

Surma Tribes, Nuér & Agnuak –Trekking 20 Days

Surma Tribes, Nuér & Agnuak –Trekking, Drive and trek or hike to Surma Tribes, Nuér & Agnuak –Trekking


Program; Surma Tribes, Nuér & Agnuak –Trekking

Tour Code: Combined Tour 09

Duration: 19Nights (20 Days)

Transportation: Land (4WD)

Tour starts: Addis Ababa

Tour ends: Addis Ababa

Day1: Arrival/ Addis Ababa. Overnight – Hotel – Addis

Day 2: Drive from Addis to Jima. Overnight – hotel – Jima

Day 3: Drive from Jima to Mizan Teferi/Bebeka. Overnight – hotel – Mizan/Bebeka

Day4: Drive from Mizan/Bebeka to Tum – Overnight – tented camp – Tum

Day 5:  Trek from Tum to Maji - Overnight – tented camp – Maji

Day6: Trek from Maji to Adikas - Overnight – tented camp – Adikas

Day7: Trek from Adikas to Kormu – Overnight – tented camp – Kormu

Day8: Trek from Kormu to Kibish.  Overnight – tented camp –Kibish

Day9: Full day trek in Kibish. Overnight – tented camp –Kibish

Day10: Trek from Kibish to Kormu. Overnight – tented camp – Kormu

Day 11:  Trek from Kormu to Adikas. Overnight – tented camp – Adikas

Day 12: Trek from Adikas to Tum. End of trek

Day 13: Drive from Tum to Mizan Teferi/Bebeka. Overnight – hotel – Mizan/Bebeka

Day14: Drive from Mizan/Bebeka to Gambela. Overnight – hotel – Gambela

Day 15: Explore villages of Nuer & Agnuak people. Overnight – hotel – Gambela

Day 16: Explore Gambela National Park for wildlife. Overnight – hotel – Gambela

Day 17: Drive from Gambela to Nekemete. Overnight – hotel – Nekemete

Day 18: Drive from Nekemete to Ambo. Visit   Guder falls & Wonchi Crater Lake. Overnight –hotel –Ambo

Day19: Drive to Addis. Overnight – hotel – Addis

Day 20:  Departure

Notice: This itinerary can be amended up on request

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