Erta Ale Volcano

Erta Ale Volcano

1.Erta Ale volcano updated news:

Erta Ale volcano (Danakil, Ethiopia) activity update: new surface lava flows 3-4 km SE from summit caldera

Monday Aug 19, 2019 11:07 AM | BY: T

A series of relatively large lava surface flows is visible on recent satellite images, in locations between 3-4 km SE from the summit caldera.
Local reporters mentioned “new fissures”, but more likely, these are new lava breakout flows from otherwise roofed-over channeled (underground) flows from the still ongoing fissure eruption that had started in early 2017.
As well, the lava lake appears to be still present (although still deep) in the southern pit crater of the summit caldera.

2. Erta Ale Volcano is gone

We have been in Erta Ale for 2 days (February 18 & 19; 2019. The volcano has vanished about one year ago. We only saw smoke of the dormant volcano, never the fire of volcanic eruption!  So, be informed in advance that any plan to Erta Ale nowadays cannot achieve the fire but could be so much worthy for trekkers and for seeing the recent volcanic lava

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