Bahir Dar, Lalibela and Axum 6 Days

Bahir Dar, Lalibela and Axum

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Bahir Dar, Lalibela & Axum  


Program: Bahir Dar, Lalibela & Axum  

Tour Code: North 07

Duration: 5 Nights (6 Days)

Transportation: Air

Tour starts: Addis Ababa

Tour Ends: Addis Ababa

Day 1: Arrival/ Addis – Bahir Dar  

Arrive in the morning, to Ababa Bole international airport, meet with us, and after Breakfast, we drive to the Entoto Mountain (3300m) for a panoramic view of Addis, Entoto Museum with historical and royal exhibit, The Church of St. Mary, built in 1885 and the old palace of emperor MenelikII. Take some images at Mount Entoto and we drive back to Addis for Ethnological Museum that exhibits the culture and handicrafts of various Ethiopian ethnic groups, the National Museum in which you are visiting different archaeological findings (including Lucy’s Skeleton). After lunch, visit the Trinity Cathedral, Mausoleum of emperor MenelikII at Bààta Church and finally Merkatothe largest open market in Africa. In the evening, fly from Addis to Bahir Dar or. Overnight – Hotel /lodge- Addis   

Day 2: Tis Issat of the Blue Nile and Monasteries on Lake Tana

Morning, drive to the small town of Tiss Abay (32 km rough road) to visit the impressive Blue Nile Falls, locally known as Tis Issat ( Tis Abay) means in Amharic: 'Smoke of Fire'. Much of the water is diverted for Hydro electric Generation plant but it is still worth visiting for remaining waterfalls, walking around, a Portuguese Bridge (17 Century) and the country side. The area around the waterfall is amazingly fertile and the Amhara people who live here farm wheat, sorghum and Teff (from which Injera, our national bread, is made). On the way after the Blue Nile, visit the market of Bahir Dar where you can find the pottery, traditional hand-made woven clothes, and Woito Basket market.

 After lunch; take a chartered boat trip on Lake Tana to visit monasteries (constructed during 14 up to 19 century). You will visit only the most accessible and representative of the monasteries on the lake, still serving their original function: Ura Kidane Mehret, and Azwa Maryam (in Zeghie Peninsula), Kibran Church (prohibited for women) & Entos Eyesus. After lunch, visit the hill of Bezawit (roughly 5km after Gojjam – Gondar border Bridge). At this point, you will overlook the Palace of Emperor Haile SelassieI( entering is prohibited), the source of the Blue Nile- leaving the Lake Tana, panoramic view of Bahir Dar and the full sunset. Overnight hotel/lodge – Bahir Dar  

Day 3: Lalibela Churches  

Morning, fly  or drive from Bahir Dar to Lalibela and after lunch, Visit the first group of six churches: 1.Bet Golgotha, 2.Bet Mikael, 3.Bet Mariam, 4.Bet Meskel, 5.Bet Danaghel and 6.Bet Medhane Alem. Bet Medhane Alem is the largest monolithic rock hewn church in the world, built like a Greek temple! In a corner there are three empty graves symbolically dug for biblical patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Overnight – Roha Hotel or similar (3*) - Lalibela

Day 4:  Lalibela Rock Hewn Churches

Early morning, Climb Asheten Mariam (optional) for a panoramic view of the region and a mountain Church named Asheten. After breathing on the top (more than 3000 m), descend down to Lalibela (at 2630m above sea level), one of the most fascinating historical sites of Ethiopia. After lunch and a short siesta, continue exploring the fascinating churches (Second group): 7.Bete Amanuel, 8.Bete Marqorewos, 9.Bete Abba Libanos, 10.Bete Gabriel -Rufael and 11. Bet Giyorgis is the most elegant of all Lalibela churches, which lies somewhat isolated in the southwest part of the town on a sloping rock terrace. Also visit Nakuto Làabe Cave Church (5km from Lalibela).  Overnight – at Roha or similar (3*) - Lalibela

Day 5: The birth Place of Ethiopian History

Morning; fly from Lalibela to Axum and explore the city of Axum. Axum is core point of the ancient Ethiopian history. The attractions of Axum include: the archaeological museum, monolithic steles, the tombs of King Kaleb, and the legendary Bath and the ruins of ancient palace of the Queen of Sheba, St Mary of Zion and the sanctuary that houses the original Ark of the Covenant. Almost all  Ethiopian Orthodox Christians and some scholars believe firmly that the Ark of the covenant, the original Ark - made by  God & given to prophet Moses then to Israelites is to be rested for centuries here in Axum,  at the chapel in the middle of St Mary of Zion and Emperor Fassiladas’ Castle of Axum. There is a special festival on every 21 November (Ethiopian Calendar) or on about 30 November in European Calendar to glorify its present. The festival is known as Hidar Tsion/ Zion. Overnight – at Yeha hotel or similar – Axum 

Day 6: Axum – Addis – Departure

Morning, fly back to Addis Ababa .If your departure is in the night time, we will take you to ethnical live dance club center to observe different cultural dances (Habesha Cultural Restaurant or Yod Abyssinia Restaurant) then transfer to Addis Ababa bole International Airport( end of the tour).

Notice: This itinerary can be amended up on  request

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