Religious Festivals

Religious Festivals

Kulubi Gabriel

Kulubi, Saint Gabriel  Church Festival

Kulubi, Saint Gabriel FestivalThe church was built in 1880.The festival of Saint Gabriel (kulubi Gabriel), the Archangel, is celebrated on every December (Tahsas) 19 Ethiopian calendar (December 28 Gregorian calendar) which culminates in a pilgrimage to Kulubi, about 68 kilometers from Dire Dawa. Orthodox Tewahido (one in union) Christians mark the celebration with colorful processions …

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Gishen Mariam Church

Gishen Mariam

Gishen MariamIs located 483 kilometers north of Addis Ababa in Wollo Region. Gishen Mariam Church is situated in a marvelous landscape. A fragment from the original True Cross is buried underneath this church. Because of this, this shrine is one of the most sacred churches in the country. According to tradition, Empress Helena lit incense …

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Easter,Fassika in Ethiopia

Fassika (Easter)

Fassika (Easter)Fassika (Easter) falls on every 27 April. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church offers special daily prayers during the Fassika season. The church members and those who offer spiritual teachings in the church do not eat until 3 o’clock in the afternoon with the exception of Saturday and Sunday when prayers are conducted early in the …

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Voyage pour Addis Ababa, Gondar, Axum et Lalibela

Religious Festivals

Religious FestivalsIn Ethiopia; religion, especially Orthodox Tewahedo is inseparable part of life. The Orthodox Tewahedo Church ceremonies are unique and impressive; especially Timket and Meskel festivals which provide colorful ceremonies and celebrations. People dress in traditional costume and celebrate festivals across the country with colorful unique ceremonies such as Enkutatash (New Year), Meskel (Finding of …

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Timket, Timkat, Ethiopian Religious Festivals

Timqet (Epiphany)

Timket (Epiphany)Timket is the greatest Ethiopian religious festival. Timkat festival dates back to the legendary history of The Ark of The Covenant. It is believed by Orthodox Church and some scholars that The Ark of Israel, which they were given from God through prophet Mosses, is rested here in Axum, Ethiopia. It is primarily to …

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